Life is a many faceted thing

Life, it’s a funny old thing isn’t it? Memories, attitudes, hopes and fears, problems, issues, dreams, goals, happiness, sadness, principles, remembrances. It’s multi-faceted, and always will be. No matter how simple we try and make our life, there is a plethora of sidelines that we may or may not take into consideration. Questions to be answered, roads to be followed, crossroads to be crossed, pains to be dealt with, happiness to be immersed in.

It’s how we deal with life, and the choices we make that shows us who we are. And we are all so entirely different from each other. Each of us unique, which is an amazing thought in itself. We have our own minds that we make up, we make our own choices, which all affect our life. Genetics and how we are brought up plays a big part in how we deal with stuff, as does  how we perceive the world and other people. The role models we cling to as we grow up has an effect on us, and shapes and moulds us into part of who we are today.

Our principles (we all have them to varying degrees!) enable us to have a benchmark against which we view others, make choices as to who we aspire to be and how we lead our life.

A life plan doesnt always work, as we can’t see what life has in store for us, but we can plan to do the best we can, and be the best we can be. Life will always throw us curveballs, it’s how we deal with them that makes you YOU. There are so many examples of this. From the person who is made redundant, do they wallow in it and think they are not good enough to find another job and therefore spend all their time moping? Or do they pick themselves up and get that CV out there and spend hours and hours applying for various jobs? Or do they decide its time for a life change and try their hand at something completely different? No matter how we approach these curveballs, its what we do with them and move on from them that shows the type of person you are.

I admire a lot of people, for their reactions to life’s adversities. For example, the Paralympics are coming up, and I guess many people see it as a sideline to the main Olympics. And in someways it is, less people watching, no “famous” names taking part. But look at them! They have all suffered and then dealt with it and made the best of it. Not only have they to train as much as full-bodied athletes, they have to deal with the instances that have made them suffer physically. I strongly admire those who are in wheelchairs, and instead of being housebound, they have picked themselves up, and got on with it. They have overcome the odds and play basketball, or swim competitively, or compete in athletics or other sports. They encourage people not to give up. And I firmly believe that no-one should ever give up. Life isnt easy, we make mistakes, but its what we learn from them that counts.

We shouldn’t moan, we have been given the greatest gift of all, Life. In all its positive and negative forms, we have a life that is ours to live the way we want to. No-one should feel that they are not living the life they want. We all have the ability to do it. If there are things we arent happy about, we have the ability to change them. But that change needs to come from within. We grow constantly, our ideals and hopes change over time, grab onto those and be the person you want to be!!


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