Excited? Me?… Just a little….

The London Olympics 2012. I am SO excited. Even MORE than excited.

Since I was a young girl, I have always watched the Olympics, even if the time difference was such that I had to get up in the night and watch it. I love it. I watch the world and European championships beforehand, so I go into the Olympics knowing who is doing well, who has a chance of a medal etc. I ALWAYS watch the swimming (also athletics, diving and cycling – and now sailing too) but as long as I watch the swimming, I’m happy.

SO.. I managed to get an Olympic ticket.. to the swimming heats!!!! Not only am I fulfilling a lifelong dream of attending the Olympics, I also get to watch my favourite sport! AND, not only that… the 4×200 relay heats will be taking place… which means I get to see Phelps swim. Seriously, it doesn’t get any better than that for me.

Oh but wait, not only do I get to do all that, I get to mooch around the Olympic Park, and photograph the architecture of the buildings, photograph the walkways. gardens, art installations, the crowds, the atmosphere, and have a day that I will never forget. Ever. Did I say I was excited? Much? YES!!!!!!

3 thoughts on “Excited? Me?… Just a little….

    • I think it’s £30 quid to do the Orbit thing. I would love to.. but I’m not that keen on heights and I think it might just be a little busy/crammed for me. But I may change my mind!! I am going to take sooooo many photos that everyone who sees them will feel as though they have been there too lol!!

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