A wander along the South Bank

I forgot how much I love London.  Well, I hadn’t really, I just hadn’t made the effort to go for a while. Since I stopped commuting there for work my time has been limited to get in there and enjoy the city. The last few weeks has seen me desperate to get in to London and take some new photos, so I went on Sunday. I hated the train journey, but walking out of Marylebone station into the sunshine and passing people sitting at tables outside cafes on the walk down to Baker Street had me smiling like a loon! Tube to Westminster, I know it well. I decided to start my “photo walk” from Big Ben and go over the bridge and walk down the river to Tower bridge. I wanted to start here as I had seen a lot of photos from a guy who has taken the most amazing photos of London, much better than mine. They are pretty awesome.. go have a look: http://www.flickr.com/photos/38181284@N06/

He has a photo of a fountain with Big Ben in the background, its a photo I love but for the past week I couldn’t figure out where it was taken from. Now I know it’s a park attached to the hospital across the bridge, so I went there in the hope I could do some justice to a similar photo. It wasn’t to be though. I couldn’t get in the park. So my viewpoint was a lot higher up (I wanted to crouch in front of the fountain and get a wide angle shot. It would also have helped if I had not forgotten to take my 10-20mm wide angle lens with me either. ) So my shot is a bit more quirky, but then that suits me 🙂

So, having forgotten my wide angle lens (which I use a LOT in London) I felt disheartened that I wouldn’t get any good architectural shots. So I decided to just spend the time walking along the river and photograph things that caught my eye instead. Which, as it turned out, was a good idea as my photos show that I see things that others would just pass by. I love the shapes that objects make, especially loads of the same type of objects such as books, or windows. Also, the lens I was using was a Canon 70-200mm f/2.8 which is known for its good portrait qualities. Because of this, I decided to also take photos of people. Some worked, some didn’t. But, back to my walk…

I always walk to the London Eye along the river front, but I went the back way this time, and I found this reflection. I love reflections, reflections of buildings, of people, of anything, anything that makes an image look a bit quirky.
Then I had to have an obligatory shot of the London Eye..

Just along from the London Eye is where you will find the Street Performers. I know, once you’ve seen one you’ve seen them all.. you know the type.. they don’t move, so you think they are a statue and then as you pass them they suddenly move. I usually walk straight past them but I liked the way they looked today.

Once past the Street performers, I pass the obligatory Carousel. It was a small one for children though. I would love to see an old one, one of those big ones where even adults are a bit apprehensive about hoisting themselves up onto a horse as it seems so high and a long way up.

Then things get a bit quirky.. I like walking along looking for things that are “different” or “quirky”, things that stand out to me, whether it is because of their shape or colour, or just the fact that probably not a lot of other people would notice it. First on the quirky list was this:

Yes, it’s the edge of the struts supporting a bridge. I like the lines, the “worn-ness”, the pattern of the bolts.

And here is the underside of the bridge. See what I mean about me and patterns?

More patterns:

I love finding patterns in buildings, like the repitition you often find with windows in big buildings. I always thought these patterns were obvious to anyone, but a lot of people don’t see it, or just don’t look up to see. Next time you’re out and about, LOOK at the things around you, there is a lot going on out there 🙂

So… because I had to take photos with a “portrait” lens, I took some photos of people who were milling around. I don’t know what it is but I prefer black and white portraits.  These were all very quick shots in the hope that no-one would notice I was taking photos of them!!

And here I combine a “people” shot with a repetition pattern! 🙂

And now, I’ll leave you with two of my favourites from this photo walk.. the shot below.. I noticed this as I was passing a side window of a bar, not the best shot technically, but I love the shapes of the bottles, and the shapes of the reflection of light against the glass..

And this one… because it’s quirky and its out of focus and it has shapes! and I love it 🙂

If you’d like to see more of my photos, I keep them here: www.flickr.com/photos/mairi

5 thoughts on “A wander along the South Bank

  1. Some of the best days can be had when you forget your favorite glass. I love the exploration. Thanks for introducing me to a bit of London in a refreshing way.

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